The Alliance for the Conservation of Exotic Felines (ACEF) was founded in 1997 as a branch of the national exotic feline organization, LIOC - Endangered Species Conservation Federation, Inc.*

Christmas Party!

ACEF is having it's annual Chistmas Party on Saturda Dec 11th at around 1pm.  (Come early, come late, whenever!)
Food will be a Pot Luck, please contact me ( to coordinate foods. (don't really want it to be ALL fudge brownies - well, maybe that would be ok....)
All the Cougars and Bobcats here would love some extra attention and entertainment!

December Party!!!

The ACEF Christmast Party will be on December 19th at John Lussmyers place in Greenbank, WA.  (Cougars and Bobcats)
Ferry tickets will be provided to anyone that asks for them.  (Contact John - Cougar@CasaDelGato.Com)
Should start around 1pm, but feel free to show up early.
Bascially a Potluck event, please contact John to coordinate foods. (Don't need a dozen jello salads. :-)

November Meeting

The November meeting is on Saturday, Nov 21st at the Predators of the Heart facility up on Anacortes Island! 
LOTS of animals, Cougars, Bobcats, Wolves!
Contact an officer for directions.

October Meeting

The October meeting will be on Oct 24th or 25th! (Still trying to nail down the date with the host.)
It'll be a special meeting with LOTS of animals!

Newsletter Delayed

Due to a hardware failure (my printer broke), the newsletter will NOT be coming out on time...

September meeting at Yardbirds in Chehalis!

The next ACEF meeting is Saturday Sept 19th at YardBirds mall.
Event from 10am to 1pm, and the meeting at 2pm.
We will have at least 1 bobcat on display during the event.

August 09 Meeting on the 15th

The August meeting is an Open Event up on Whidbey Island! There will be Cougars and Bobcats in attendance.
The meeting starts around 1pm (feel free to show up a bit early!)
This is a Pot Luck event, so bring something for all of us to eat. (You may want to contact me in advance so we don't ALL bring a Jello Salad. :-)

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